Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

A few reasons why you should choose us:

30 day cycles

We work with 30 day cycles and daily rates. This means if you enter a home the 10th, you won’t pay from the beginning of the month as most landlords will ask you pay the whole month. We don’t. You’ll pay from the 10th to the 10th each month. And when you leave, you will pay a daily rate on those last days. Imagine, you’re leaving the 17th, and you entered the 10th, that’s 7 days you slept, so if rent was €300, that gives €10 daily rate (€300 / 30 days in month = €10 a day); so your last days, you’ll pay only €70. The righteous and fair amount. Watch out for landlord exploitation.

No down payment

We don’t ask a down payment because we feel that is an abuse of the landlord to take 2 months rent when you may not even like the place or you find there is something wrong about it.

We don’t ask upfront

No wire transfer to reserve room. No scams here.

We will never ask you to wire money. If you commit and reserve, it stays reserved. We will ask you flight details though and stay in dialogue until you arrive. We trust our student tenants and they trust us.

We’re Official

All lodging accomodations come with a contract and invoice.

Homes are owned and operated by: StatusRecord Lda, pessoa coletiva número 509403859, com sede social na Rua de Vila Nova, 1280, 4100-506 Porto, registada na conservatória de registo comercial de Porto. https://www.nif.pt/nif-das-empresas/

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