Frequently Asked Questions

Do you live in the apartments?

No. All rooms are occupied by either other students or working professionals between both male and female tenants.

Are there restrictions on using the kitchen or other things in the house?

No, no restrictions. You will have to share things with your flatmates though. Homes will include all you need for your home away from home, like a washing machine, clothes hanger, stove, oven, microwave, Nespresso, iron, fridge, cabinet space, silverware, cups, and all the regular kitchen utentils.

Do you have private en-suite rooms with private bathrooms?

No, all our bathrooms are shared.

Are the rooms furnished?

Yes, of course, all with beds, desk, executive chair, light, wardrobe, pillow, mirror, sheets, blanket, duvet, curtains, and a bean bag chair. When you check in, room will be ready to be slept in after a long day of traveling.

Can I have sleepover guests?

That will depend on many things, like your room and bed size and how many nights. During Covid times though, we will probably not allow many sleepovers until there is herd immunity.

Are there House Rules?

There are House Rules to follow. A similar copy can be found here.

Can I have guests over during the day?

Yes, of course, as long as they do not disturb the house mates or neighbors. During Covid times, we do not want to expose flatmates to potential virus carriers coming from the guests.

How are the room prices, why can´t I see them on the site?

That's because room prices will depend on the Home, the time of year, and the size of the room and if it is a single or double bed, or double room. All our prices when quoted, can be verified on popular sites like Uniplaces or HousingAnywhere as the prices will always be the same when quoted.

How many people live at the homes?

All our homes have occupancy for 4 people. Tanger Home which is bigger may have up to 7 people.

Can I get a contract and receipt?

Yes, of course, but you must provide details beforehand.

Will you provide a contract so I can get my VISA?

Only if you accept and book a room with payment will we provide a contract. Just like you, we don’t like scammers.

Do I need to give a security deposit or pay 2 months ahead?

No, we do not require like some landlords ask 2-3 months of advanced rent payment as security in forcing you to stay if you don't want to. Our philosophy is Easy In, Easy Out.

I arrive the 10th. Will I have to pay those first 10 days?

No you pay in 30 day cycles, then the last days you are at the house, we divide the rent amount by number of days after the entry day, so you only pay a per day amount. When you do arrive and check in, we will expect payment for the first cycle as rent payments are always at the beginning of the cycle.

What if I go on holiday for 2 weeks, will you make a discount for that month?

No, we will not.

Do you know the best ways of transportation to my university?

Not really as there are so many different students and places we cannot provide this information; it is up to each individual to check their own ways and means of transportation.

What if I have to leave earlier than the original agreed departure date?

No worries, as long as you communicate to your landlord giving a 30 day notice. No binding contracts or entrapments.

Are bills included in the rent?

All the bills of water, electricity and internet are included in the rent. The rent includes everything and you won't have to pay anything else. However if you purposely break something, you may be asked to pay for it.

Is there cleaning?

Cleaning is in the common areas around every two weeks, or twice a month. Nonetheless, you will be responsible for cleaning your own things in the kitchen and bathroom as outlined in the House Rules.